About us

When Gisa and I first came to Lesvos with our young children in 1985, we instantly fell in love with the island. The friendliness of its people and the warmth of the sun convinced us to stay.

After some time we developed the desire to create a place on this beautiful island so that we could share our experience... a special place, where one can develop a deeper connection with oneself and others, a meeting point of east and west. In 1990 we found the perfect plot of land for our dream. Surrounded by old oak trees and the sound of sheep bells, it had a full panoramic view of the medieval village of Molyvos as the sea glistened in the sunlight backed by high mountains. When we went to work on our life project, it was our intention to create a place, which would integrate harmoniously with the landscape and not destroy its natural beauty. The ambience would have an atmosphere for workshops and retreats conducive to regeneration and connection with the essence of life. The result is the Milelja Retreat Center.

In 1994 we opened our doors, and over the years have welcomed visitors and groups from many different countries. We are happy and thankful that our center is now well established and has become an oasis for so many guests.